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  • The 3 things holding you back from scaling and selling your business

  • One thing you must do today to ensure you a high-flying exit

  • The tried and tested model you must implement to achieve your million pound business valuation

Nishi Patel

Learn from financial expert Nishi Patel

  • Experienced business analyst and corporate finance specialist for big UK brands

  • Chartered Management Accountant

  • Passionate about helping small business owners

  • I work with you to achieve maximum results

Business Person of the Year1

26% Increase in sales

“My co-director and I were very hands-on in the business. Making time to step away and discuss our overall goals and plan for the future was a challenge. 

After making that investment, we now have absolute clarity on what our finished business looks like and everything we need to focus on to achieve it. Plus, we’ve grown our sales and added three members to the team.”

Rakesh Pudaruth - Managing Director - Reliant Couriers