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What You'll Discover

How important, systems and a team are in growth

The idea of building a business that can grow in any economic climate, independently of yourself is a very real possibility. We'll show you the systems and culture you need to build to make this happen.

Why knee jerk reactions can cause lasting damage

The emotional pressure that guiding a business through a recession, can place on you isn't to be taken lightly. This guide will help you understand the opportunities, as well as risks so you can make the best decisions.

How people will change the way they buy

When cash is tight, your customers will change their buying habits. To continue profitably working with them, you'll need to make some changes to your offering.

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Focused. Uncompromising. Proven.

Build a million-pound business

Expert advice from Northamptonshire's award-winning Chartered Management Accountant, Nishi Patel, helps you accelerate growth and transition into profit mode. 

There are six steps to rapid growth. When executed correctly, each step brings your business closer to the million-pound valuation you want. 

In this free guide, Nishi offers sound, ethical and proven strategies that have helped his clients turn passion projects into rewarding, expanding and highly successful businesses. You could be next. 


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"Expanded to Another Location and Grew Our Team...

Despite taking time out of the business to work on it, it's continued to grow and thrive. The strategies Nishi teaches are original and transformational, I'd highly recommend implementing them."

Anabela Yourell, Managing Director, Stress Free HR LTD


"Fixed the Cracks in Our Business Model and Skyrocketed Profits...

My co-director and I were very hands-on in the business. Making time to step away and discuss our overall goals and plan for the future was a challenge. With Nishi's advice and support, we've now added three more members to the team and are much closer to achieving our goals."

Rakesh Pudaruth, Managing Director, Reliant Couriers


"Achieved a Million Pound Valuation in 16 Months...

Left with a clear plan of what we have to do for the next quarter and next year. The content from Nishi and the team was great we recommend to any business owner.”

Mark Curry, Managing Director, Midlands Catering Equipment